Loneliness in Your Awakening

Loneliness is painful for some while others crave time alone. Like anything else in life we want and need what we don’t have.

If your life doesn’t allow much or any alone time it can be just as harmful as chronic loneliness because like everything else we need balance and extremes either way are harmful to our mental and physical health.

Ideally you need between 30-60 minutes of waking time each day to clear and stabilize your mind and relax the body. We need this to to relieve ourselves of stress before it builds up and created a problem.

If affects us energetically also if we don’t have a balance because mind, body, and energy are all working together as one massive system to keep us going.

People who are lonely are also at a very high risk of being energetically out of balance as well and actually they are often at greater risk than those who can’t catch a minute alone because having too much time alone can be very hard on us.


Is social media the answer to Loneliness?

It can certainly help, to an extent but it cannot replace real genuine human contact and companionship. A limited amount of time interacting with strangers online can ease the mental symptoms but the other needs won’t be met since there are no physical connections such as touch or meaningful activity. The only needs that will be met are the mental and sometimes energetic.

Part of a Spiritual Awakening often involves a depressive stage and during this time, when you need someone the most you might feel very alone and either be mentally or physically isolated.

Pulling out of this mentality isn’t easy and just because it’s part of the process does not mean that you should stay in this state any longer than you have to. The purpose of the condition is to make us aware and make us think about our lives and what we have experienced as well as what lies ahead.

Awareness is the key to resolving any situation. It’s the very root cause of how anything is resolved.

If you are not balancing your time between solitude and social interaction you are going to be unbalanced. It’s only extreme circumstances that are beyond our control of finding this balance.

Even if you have 5 children at home and work full time or lets say that you live alone and have no friends at all neither circumstance is a valid excuse. If you create a goal or plan of action to change the situation it will change but if you take no action nothing will likely ever change.

That is brutal honesty my friends. Here are some typical suggestions

No Time

  • Hire a sitter or trade babysitting services with a friend.
  • Give yourself some time each evening and follow through.
  • Start taking evening walks.
  • Give a regular chore to someone else.
  • Give up some social media or television time.
  • Take advantage of the baby’s nap time.

No close connections

  • Go to a public place that suits you such as parks or libraries.
  • Learn to be more outgoing with strangers.
  • Look for a meetup group or club in your area. If nothing local interests you it’s time to get some new interests or travel.
  • Get a pet and walk it.
  • Volunteer in your community- this is my personal fav!

These are just some simple suggestions, look at your life and see how creative you can be. Aside from limited mental and physical conditions, most anyone can make a change.

Once you find your balance you will feel whole and good again. Easier said than done is a valid excuse, but an excuse none the less. If you want the changes to happen and devote the energy you can accomplish anything.





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